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A. EXHIBITION (EXPOSITION): Sponsors of one or more item listed on the budget sheet has an automatic right to commercial space at the Summit. 

B. ADVERT SPACE IN MAGAZINE: Sponsors as in  A above will also enjoy a one page advert space in NGO Network ,a general interest magazine for NGOs and other  members of the third sector in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

C. OFFICIAL BROCHURE: The name, logo and other particulars of sponsoring organization or individual are acknowledged on the pages of the official brochure for the summit.

D. OFFICIAL LETTER HEAD: The official letterhead for the Summit shall also bear the name and particulars of sponsors on arrangements with the organizers and depending largely on the level of commitment.

E. JOINT BANNER PROMOTIONS: Sponsors  and the organizers will have a joint name and particulars on all the officials banners printed for the Summit. Banners could be on separate  sheets based on arrangements. 

F. NGO GUIDE 2000 LETTERHEAD: The official organizers of the event, NGO GUIDE 2000, has also concluded plans to enter into negotiations with organizations who may wish to have their name, logo and other particulars printed along side the organizer's for everlasting or specified number of years.

G. ANNUAL RECOGNITION: In recognition of the level of commitment/support, sponsors shall enjoy an annual mention in our outlets for their role in previous summits. 

H. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS: Beyond all the above , sponsors may enter into other form(s) of negotiation with the organizers on special promotional request to suit their purposes.

Interested Sponsors should please contact:


12, Sultan Road, G.R.A

P.O. Box 9689, Kaduna

Tel: 062- 247732, 247729

 08034537392, 080-33155814

Fax: 062-249387, 218525


Contact Person
 Mohammed Bougei Attah

Executive Director/National Coordinator

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