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 After a 10-year lull of any viable references on NGOs in Nigeria we undertook to produce one after the last edition supported by UNICEF in 1980s. 


The new directory is a 120-page volume and contains entries from community based and nationally focused Non-Governmental Organizations in Nigeria. It also contains information on  funding and support agencies based in Nigeria as well as other information vital to the third sector in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.


The directory is to be reviewed after every two years. Listing is absolutely free. 



a.   Arranged alphabetically for easy reference. 

b.   Serially arranged by  focus area. 

c.   An inept analysis by index.


How To Get Listed:

1.  Download this form, and return duly completed form to our Secretariat

MS Word Format              PDF Format   

2.   Contact the National secretariat or any of our State representatives.


To Obtain a Copy (Click Here)

Copies are available for sale at all Summits organized by NGO Guide 2000


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