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Annual Award Night: At the maiden edition of Annual All NGO Summit tagged "Abuja 2001", the NGO community, represented by the delegates, resolved via a communiqué that an award scheme be introduced annually as a form of appreciation to supporters of humanitarian work.  It is held on  the last day of the summit annually. The National Planning Committee, NPC and the organizers meet to select the nominees.

Categories of Award: Four types of awards have been identified in keeping with the content of the communiqué :

a. Donor/Support Award - For donor and support agencies /organizations.

b. Recognition Award - Companies and other Corporate bodies 

c. Reward for Excellence - This is for individuals in various fields of humanitarian endeavour.

d. Service Award - Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Criteria for the Award: It was also agreed that for effective and meaningful rewards, standards should be set in nomination for the awards. Consequently, five (5) criteria have also been given:                                       

a. That the nominees should have a good record of consistency in their support for charity work.              

b. That such project and/or programme executed by the nominee should be people-oriented i.e. it should touch on the lives of the common man. 

c.  Such nominee should have good networking and spread among the Nigeria nation.                                 

d. A minimum of five(5) years in humanitarian services record is expected of all the nominees.                         

e. And nominee should have a harmonious relationship with NGOs, governments, donors and other stakeholders.

 Note : Nominees may not necessary possess all the  criteria above.

 How to Nominate for the Awards: Nomination is open to all, particularly members of the NGO and civil community. Such should however meet the standard set therein. Once a nominee is identified, you are required to send an A4 page report on the activities and why you think that such nominee qualifies for the award. A covering letter on a separate sheet should be addressed to The Executive National Coordinator at the National Secretariat. Click Here

 AN ENDOWMENT FOR THE AWARDS. In recognition of positive contributions  to the growth and development of the civil society, an endowment by individual organization, companies and NGOs is open for sponsorship as follows:


             S/No.   Category of Awards         No of Awards         Value in Naira

                  1.      Donor/support Award                2                150,000.00  

                  2.      Recognition Award                    2               250,000.00             

                  3.      Reward for Excellence               2               150,000.00  

                  4.      Services Award                         2              400,000.00              


    a.  Awards are not in cash value. The cost include materials, plaque  and administration. 

    b.   Interested party may also negotiate the type of award desired.    

     c.  For EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Please Click Here

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